De Laverne Consulting supports you throughout the purchasing process by placing its expertise at your disposal, whether in Paris and close departments.(77/78/91/92/94)

We are at your disposal for a bespoke survey, whether for the purchase of or investment in residential or commercial premises.

Do you want to invest in Berlin in 2014? (...)

March 2014 The real estate market in the German capital remains extremely dynamic and each year attracts a great many national and international investors who purchase properties to rent under a range of formats. Prices are continuing to rise, although the intensity of this increase has decreased somewhat recently, brought about by a significant deficit in the supply of housing in relation to demand. This increase is due in part to a clearly attractive (...) Read more

The property market in Paris and Ile de (...)

February 2014 Progression of sales and price declines remain moderate ● Number of sales of older housing 35,570 older properties were sold from September to November 2013, an increase of 21%comparedwith the same period in 2012 and 6% compared with 2011. This recovery for (in sales of older properties) has benefited the apartment market (+21% compared with 2012) as much as the house market (+22%). This increase in sales has been witnessed in all (...) Read more

Real estate in Paris and perpectives of (...)

December 2013 According to the Notaries for Paris-Ile-de-France, as at the end of September 2013, prices continue to evolve in Ile-de-France with them falling very slightly over a year. Where do prices stand within Paris itself ? By ’District’ - Half of all Districts registered a fall in prices over the quarter up to the end of September 2013, while 17 Arrondissements saw their prices fall in a year (with the exception of the 1st, 2nd and 5th (...) Read more

Good News in the french Real Estate sector

September 2013 Good news for the French real estate sector - lower property capital gains tax will help stimulate the market. In actual fact, the methods for applying property capital gains tax have changed for sales made after 1 September last year. Since this date, capital gains have in fact been subject to a fixed levy for tax on income earned (impôt sur le revenu) of 19% and 15.5% on social charges (prélèvements sociaux). Allowances are henceforth as (...) Read more

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